Franc Michael Salon is now exclusively in brooklyn!

The summer is soon to began. So is the new trends, styles and colors for the warm weather. Life is full of changes some for the better. This is the case with Franc Michael Salon in Manhattan.Ever since we opened in Brooklyn we have been getting an influx of people that visited the Manhattan branch now wanting to get their hair done somewhere closest to them. So we looked into it and realized that many of our clients in Manhattan actually live in Brooklyn. We also discovered that because of Brooklyn's Bushwick area's gentrification the potential for new clients was going to be tremendous. The response from the general public in Brooklyn has been great so has the one in Manhattan but juggling both Salons and a Music Production Studio was not an easy task it was becoming difficult maintaining the three locations. The smarter business move was to sale the Manhattan Salon and Focus in developing the salon in Brooklyn. I consider this a step forward not a failure as far as the Manhattan branch is concerned cause everything accomplished in FMNY became the tools to make FMBK a success. So we closed the Manhattan Salon on March 31st of 2016.


I want to take this time to thank everyone that has been supportive of FrancMichael salon in Manhattan. Including Family , Friends , existing clients, walk-ins, Facebook friends, vendors and People in the beauty industry in general. It was a short run but educational and valuable for many reasons. For those who went to Manhattan salon and lived in that area.I don't know how far you are willing to travel to get the best service in great surroundings with phenomenal products that work at a great prize. But I don't think 30 minutes on the L train from 14th st to Halsey stop twice a month is a lot to sacrifice for your looks so come to Brooklyn and let us Create a new you at Franc Michael Salon.